Brush-off Varnishes by Spray 

– serie 1600


  • Second coat brushable varnish
  • Suitable for PU, PVC, TR, ABS, SBR soles
  • It gives a double effect after brushing


  • Liquid solvent based


  • By spray using nozzle 1-1.5mm and pressure 3 atm
  • Spray on top of series:

3800 covering for PU

2800 covering for PVC

4300 covering for TR

2600 covering for ABS

12225 covering for SBR

  • Spray when the sole is completely dry
  • Brush with rotary cotton brush, speed 700 rpm, with abrasive wax 2200, then with bright wax 2251 for shine effect.
  • Spray by machine or manually


  • Most of RAL/Pantone colour cards 
  • Special colours on demand
  • Metal  can of 20 kg
  • Metal drum of 180 kg


  • Store  in well closed original packing in a dry and ventilated place.
  • Shelf life, 12 months.
  • Avoid extreme cold-heat (preferably +5/30 °c)