Wide range of varnishes for synthetic and natural materials capable to provide high quality finishings, always up to date with market trends.


Varnishes are mixtures of chemical products that can be applied to the substrate to obtain a qualitative improvement, by protecting it from aging or atmospheric agents, as well as an aesthetic one, by providing the desired finishes in terms of color, appearance, touch and uniformity.

What Kezal offers

For over 35 years in the world of varnishes, Kezal Specialty Chemicals produces and commercializes coloring products for synthetic materials finishing (polyurethane, TPU, TR, EVA, PVC, ABS, PS, SBR, SBS), by standing out thanks to the lines without pre-activation for TR and EVA.

For natural materials (leather, hide, suede, rubber) Kezal offers several solutions for leather finishing and the unique possibility to directly varnish rubber without pre-halogenation.
Kezal varnishes are available both water-based and solvent-based; depending on the customer’s needs, they can be applied by spray, brush or dip.
Kezal range of varnishes includes the entire Ral and Pantone colour scales with the possibility to customized specific colours up to the customer’s needs or getting special effects such as rubber-touch, fluo, pearl, metallized.
The strength of Kezal Specialty Chemicals is the constant pursuit of innovative and performing effects that allows to constantly offer new aesthetic solutions that keep up with market trends.

Why choosing Kezal varnishes

High quality finishes
New and customizable effects and colours
Ecofriendly products and low consumption
Maximum efficiency and cost effective processes
Tailor-made service and assistance
Optimization of production steps with our innovative varnishes